29th Dec


NOTICE: Update to Import Guideline #1116

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service sent this bulletin Update to Import Guideline #1116 at 12/15/2014.

To safeguard against the introduction and dissemination of diseases of livestock or poultry, USDA APHIS National Import and Export Service (NIES) has modified import Guideline #1116. As of November 7, 2014, APHIS requires a VS 16-6 permit for importation and interstate transport of live, inactivated, and killed microorganisms; and extracted genomic materials, such as DNA and RNA. Organisms that are not pathogenic to livestock or poultry do not require a VS 16-6 permit.

Previously, Guideline #1116 allowed inactivated pathogenic microorganisms and extracted genomic material to be exempt from requiring an import permit. These materials are no longer exempt. NIES has modified this Guideline to mitigate the risk that these materials are not effectively inactivated prior to importation. This modification of the Guideline is consistent with Part 9 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 122.

Questions about these changes may be directed to the NIES Organisms and Vectors staff by calling 301-851-3300 and press Option 3. You may also send inquiries by email to ov@aphis.usda.gov .

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